Our Values

Principles that
serve as our guides


for Everyone

Creating products that are easy to use for everyone is a critical mission of Fourth Dot. To accomplish this goal we utilize and comply with industry standards to ensure that our products can be used by everyone. For our iOS and macOS applications we utilize Apple's leading accessibility features to craft equally enriching experiences for customers using VoiceOver, Large Type, or Switch Control. We utilize Xcode's development environment to test against these features to ensure they offer the same usability as our traditional interface.


Every detail
is considered

Our philosophy for product design is to craft enriching experiences for our customers. The design of a product does not just define the way a product looks, but also how a product works. Our design process begins at the inception of a product, where we study the problem we are trying to solve to create a prototypes to test potential solutions. This process continues during software development to ensure that both technical and design standards are being achieved. By designing in this way the processes are not distinct and the design of the product can continually be refined as the product is tested.


Fast, Modern
and Efficient

The performance of our products is at the forefront of our development process. To achieve the level of performance we utilize the latest frameworks and features available in the development environment. On iOS and macOS this means utilizing the latest Swift code as well as adopting the declarative interface syntax SwiftUI. On the web this means harnessing the power of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. These technologies enable us to build products that perform across a variety of devices and environments.


Keep your data
on your device

Crafting great experiences and using advance technology does not mean that you have to sacrifice user privacy. At Fourth Dot, we take data privacy very seriously and develop our products in a way that keeps your data on your device for as much of the time as possible. When this is not possible we clearly explain what data we collect, why we are collecting it, and if we share it with anyone else. We believe you need to know how your data is being used and believe that giving our users control over what the share is pivotal to foster trust in our products.